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A celebration of the 50th anniversary of Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, this conference will address current trends and perspectives in mathematical modeling, analysis, and numerical simuation. It will be an opportunity to gather the many researchers who have built connexions with the Laboratoire through these fifty years.


Amphithéâtre Farabeuf, Campus des Cordeliers, 15 rue de l'Ecole de Médecine, 75006 Paris


  • Karine Beauchard
  • Yann Brenier
  • Eric Cancès
  • Maria Esteban
  • Pierre-Louis Lions
  • Stéphane Mallat
  • Jean-Marie Mirebeau
  • Sepideh Mirrahimi
  • Ayman Moussa
  • Stefan Müller
  • Alfio Quarteroni
  • Christian Rey
  • Nicolas Rougerie
  • Laure Saint-Raymond
  • Andrew Stuart
  • Karen Veroy-Grepl


Registration is free but mandatory.

In the registration process you will need to validate twice, first by clicking "Récapitulatif" at the bottom of the first page, then by clicking "Modifier" at the bottom of the second page.

Deadline for registration: November 17


Valeria Banica, Albert Cohen, Marie Doumic, Michael Goldman, François Jouve, François Murat, Benoit Perthame, Marie Postel

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